A. Toubanaki & G. Kontrafouris at the 11th CONFERENCE of PanHellenic Union of Bioscientists

Hours and date:
13/12-2018 at 20:30
Κεντρικό κτίριο ΕΚΠΑ Πανεπιστημίου 30, Αθήνα

The PanHellenic Union of Bioscientists, in the context of the the 11th National Conference, entitled “BIOSCIENCES in the 21st century – Biology changes society”, invites the world-class, leading Jazz pianist George Kontrafouris (http://www.kontrafouris.com/index.php) and the multitasking vocalist/performer, Dr. of Molecular Biology (University of Athens, Greece) Aggeliki Toubanaki (aggelikitoubanaki.com, Fb/ToubanakiMusicProjects).

The two artists collaborate for the first time and present compositions of the international Jazz and ethnic scene, baring their artistic soul, and expressing at the same time their unique creative vision, their common passion for improvisational music interaction.