A performer with an explosive temperament…

Giota Sykka, Kathimerini

Aggeliki Toubanaki: A Phd Doctor on molecular biology who loves song and music

To Vima

Aggeliki Toubanaki is not only a very well educated jazz performer. She’s also a «flâneuse» devoted to look for the melodies that stimulate her…

Yiannis PanagopoulosAthens Voice
Aggeliki Toubanaki is an entire universe; full of music, feelings, reflection, science, search, essence and authenticity.

Β. Anagnostopoulou/ S. Kozanidou, Tech Matrix

Ünlü Caz Sanatçısı Aggeliki Toubanaki Buzz Bastrardz ile birlikte yine müthiş bir konser verdi


Aggeliki Toubanaki, “Before going on patari (stage)” (interview)

Αggeliki Toubanaki: Zappa’s music is boundless…

So what does finally mean to have a good singing voice?
Two significant vocalists put things into order shortly before their concert in Athens

Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos. Athens Voice

Aggeliki Toubanaki: To have an open soul…

Aggeliki Toubanaki: I feel uncomfortable and sad, when I don’t live free and experiment with my work…

It’s a challenge to follow Aggeliki Toubanaki’s continuous metamorphosis…

Sotiris Bekas, Music Paper

Aggeliki Toubanaki: Everywhere I hear music…

Afroditi Papakalou, Freesunday

The reissue of the album of the vocalist par excellence Aggeliki Toubanaki and her band, the creative Greek Jazz-Balkan musicians “The Buzz Bastardz”, over one year after its first release, highlights not only its musical significance but also its artistic value.

Giorgos Haronitis, Athinorama

Η Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη είναι μια όχι μόνον ιδιαίτερα προικισμένη και
ιδιοσυγκρασιακή, αλλά επίσης πολύπλευρη και πολυπράγμων ερμηνεύτρια. Ο δίσκος της
«Aggeliki Toubanaki & The Buzz Bastardz» θέτει υποψηφιότητα ώς ένας από τους
καλύτερους της χρονιάς!

Θάνος ΜατζανάςΑυγή

Musician, creator, vocal performer, performer in general… Aggeliki on stage is the definition of a vibrant chord.


I can’t still stop thinking about the performance of the vocalist Aggeliki Toubanaki and the drummer Ilias Doumanis; “Voice Drums project”, Jazztronica, last summer at the Byzantine Museum.

Yiannis Panagopoulos,


Definitely, it’s unique to see a girl to “inhale” the music and then to breath it out note by note, syllable by syllable; full of energy and the moment’s passion. The “Jazz Plus Project” is a show that don’t follow the clichés, blessed by authenticity and impulsive experimentation.


She moved like a fairy on the stage and she captured us with her music in an endless, magical, without destination journey; and even when the journey was over, we kept on travelling…


On the one hand a maenad’s expression and on the other the tenderness of a child… I’m sure that I’m watching one of the best live of this season, “Ulalum” and Aggeliki Toubanaki.


‘Ulalum’ Project: a great night with the wonderful performances of the unique Aggeliki Toubanaki and the great musicians that thrilled the audience. A repertoire fully harmonized with the artistic values that Aggeliki stands for so far.


We watch: Aggeliki Toubanaki @ ‘Passport’- Keramikos, “Soul’s Syndesis”!
Aggeliki Toubanaki has been harnessed to such an extent by the power of the music that she ends up being untamed against any form of it.


Show “Syndesis”. This reportage could be told with one sentence (in the imperative). Watch it!!!

Chari Pontida, to spirto


Aggeliki Toubanaki: Science consists of art…

Giota Sykka, Kathimerini