Since 2016, Aggeliki Toubanaki is a member of the Interdisciplinary Team “VoiceMentoring”, planning treatment and rehabilitation of patients with voice disorders.

VoiceMentoring refers to a network of voice specialists and professionals who have united their knowledge and dynamics, combining science, experience and art in order, in therapeutic design, to recognize all dimensions of a dysphonia, approaching the voice holistically.

Odysseus entrusted the affairs of his palace when he left for the Trojan War to Mentor. The goddess Athena took the shape of Mentor on many occasions, such as to accompany Telemachus to Pylos and Sparta in search of his father, or to seek the help of Odysseus during the killing of Penelope’s suitors.

The French writer François Fenelon, in his work Les Aventures de Télémaque (1699) represents the Mentor-Athena accompanying Telemachus during his journey, giving him directions in a friendly tone and finally bringing him back close to his father, Odysseus. In this way, the word “mentor” in French, and from that in other European languages and as a “partial” counter-loan in Modern Greek, generally means the counselor and friend who perform as a spiritual guide and adviser. In English there are also the derivatives mentoring, mentorship, mentoree /mentee.   

VoiceMentoring refers to a group, a network, specialized in voice scientists and professionals that we decided to combine our knowledge, science, experience and art in order to be able to approach the voice holistically and identify all the dimensions of a dysphonia. Our common finding and feeling is that the voice and the problems, presented in its use, do not concern and cannot be addressed by a single person, regardless of his studies, titles and academic or artistic qualifications. We decided to work together, to learn from each other, to constantly improve, to create developments and not to follow passively, without personal knowledge and participation, views and approaches, which real life has long rejected as ineffective.

With this belief in the sense of Voice Mentoring we embrace:

  • Voice Diagnostics
  • Phonosurgery
  • Phonotherapy Evaluation – SLP Evaluation
  • Speech Therapy
  • Voice Ergonomy
  • Voice Psychology
  • Expertising in Voice
  • Partner’s Training

We are open at every point of view, every new thorough development, and in turn we are willing to share our knowledge and experiences with those who are interested. We will announce in time seminars, lectures, workshops, events and the participation of young people in them will confirm in practice our expectations. Knowledge is transmitted, evolved and constantly challenged or verified. But it always moves forward and improves our daily lives. And our voice. And our mood. And finally it justifies our concerns and efforts.


  • Vontetsianos Haris_ MD, Otolaryngologist – Head and Neck Surgeon
  • Labropoulos Konstantinos_ Otolaryngologist – Phoniatrist
  • Razou Andriana_ Otolaryngologist Surgeon
  • Sotiropoulos Nikos_ MD, ENT Surgeon, Pediatric Otolaryngologist, Specialist in children’s dysphagia
  • George Sofia_ Voice Physiotherapist – Exercise Physiology, MSc, Cert . Acupuncturist
  • Koutsoubaki Elpida_ Special Phonotherapist – Psychologist
  • Lada Eleni_ Speech Therapist – Special Phonotherapist, MSc , Pg Cert
  • Pagrati Maria_ Graduate Student of Speech Therapy
  • Papadopoulou Elsa _ Special Phonotherapist – Speech Therapist , MSc , PhD Candidate
  • ΒρακατσέληΙωάννα _ MMus, Opera Singer, Vocal Coach
  • Toubanaki Aggeliki _ World / Fusion Jazz Vocalist, Vocal Coach, PhD
  • Tsirakidou Irini _ Opera singer-Vocal Coach
  • Flouri Gelly _Singer- Vocal Coach