“Drums & Voice Jazztronica Duet” at Half Note

Hours and date:
15/11-2018 at 21:00
Half Note
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15/11 Lefteris Andriotis_ Cretan Lyra
22/11 Dimitris Papadopoulos _trumpet

Are there limits to the sound?

How much music is hidden into colors?

Voice and Drums only. The experimentation and the research on the acoustic potential, the limits of the two instruments, led the vocalist Aggeliki Toubanaki and the drummer Ilias Doumanis to form the innovative “Drums Voice Jazztronica Duet”, and at the same time to design a multi-level acoustic environment using live looping and special electronic media and programs.

The two musicians present at Half Note club, for two Thursdays (15 and 22 November), an experiential audio-visual performance. Their guest is the cartoonist and comics creator Soloup.

The audience will have the opportunity to experience a unique artistic collaboration of the three artists, which evolves on stage in real time: Strange sounds, effects and vocalisms are transformed at the same time into colors, shadows and lines.

“Drums Voice Jazztronica Duet” will feature its original compositions and pieces of bebop, hardbop, modal jazz scene, with emphasis on interaction and the extended use of each instrument. Their guests will be two skilled improvisers of monophonic instruments, Lefteris Andriotis in Cretan Lyra (15/11) and Dimitris Papadopoulos in the trumpet (22/11), invited to improvise solos and to experiment, creating their own musical interpretation of words, pictures, and the concepts of songs.

An extraordinary hybrid music project focusing on the two main senses, vision and audition, during which specially designed lighting and live drawing illustrations depict and open a dialogue with the contemporary versatile sound of “Voice Drums Jazztronica Duet».

Aggeliki Toubanaki: Voice, Fxs, Loops, Percussions
Ilias Doumanis: Drums, Voice, Fxs, Loops, Custom Design Programming
Soloup: live drawing
15/11 Leftris Andriotis_ Creatan Lyra
22/11 Dimitris Papadopoulos_trompet
Partners: Paschalis Koletsis: Sound, Nikos Syrigos: Lighting Design

* “Voice & Drums Jazztronica Duet” has composed original music for Soloup’s new Graphic novel “The collector. Six short stories about a bad wolf” (Editions Icaros).