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Aggeliki Toubanaki | Guest at the 10th International ESTIA conference

Aggeliki Toubanaki presents the ESTIA song “ I pio Zesti Agkalia ”(“our warmest hug/embrace”) featuring the choir of the ESTIA Support and Social Care Centre for People with Intellectual Disability at the 10th International ESTIA conference “10 Years of Supported Living! 10 Steps Forward!” on 19 & 20 November 2021 at Athens Divani Caravel Hotel.

“I pio Zesti Agkalia”
Lyrics: Stavros Haritos
Music:Aggeliki Toubanaki

“Love and Music Only”

“It has been an amazing experience working and co-ocreating the Support and Social Care Centre’s choir. I want to sincerely thank my distinguished collaborators for the love and effort the put into the making of this song”

Thanos Stavridis: Acordeon
Gregoris Danis: Guitar
Apostolos Kaltsas: Bass
Ilias Doumanis: Drums
Video: Ira Drakou

Choir :
Stella Emmanoulidiou, Pigi Lagou, Maria Mastoraki, Anastasia Barbari, Marianthi Μαριάνθη Fragouli, Virginia Paulopoulou.
Choir Preparation: Virginia Pavlopoulou

Sound: Alexandros Chrysidis

The song was recorded at the Studio Sierra