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NATIONAL THEATER- Reach-out Action | 3rd Circle

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in collaboration with national post-covid clinics.

A free online workshop for the retraining of the breathing process through vocal expression and singing; it is directed to people recovering from COVID-19 and who are still suffering from shortness of breath and the consequent anxiety this brings about. This programme has been designed to support post COVID-19 recovering patients through a set of targeted singing, breathing and wellness exercises.

It has been designed and and is coordinated by Angeliki Toumpanaki (PhD), Moleculaŕ biologist, vocalist, voice trainer and member of the interdisciplinary Voice Mentoring team for the rehabilitation of patients with voice disorders.

The workshop helps offer insight to both musical and medical knowledge, to accommodate the growing need for support for patients with “LONG COVID” symptoms. The focus lies on the retraining of the respiratory system through the singing procedure. Using a selection of music from around the world, combined with vocal games/ exercises, participants explore voice and breathing, they gain knowledge and also improve their mental and physical well-being. In addition to this, participants are provided with a significant book of exercises, a set of vocal techniques and self-management tools, along with detailed instructions to exercises they are to do in their own time.

The Collaborating Post-Covid clinics are:
• the clinic of the DD University Pathology Clinic of the University General Hospital “Attikon” | Scientific Officer Anastasia Antoniadou, Professor of Pathology-Infections in EKPA
• the clinic of the Pulmonology and Respiratory Deficiency Unit of the Intensive Care Clinic of the General Hospital of Athens “Evangelismos” | Scientific Officer, Paraskevi Katsaounou, Assistant Professor of Pulmonology
• the clinic of the 3rd University Pathology Clinic of EKPA, General Hospital “i Sotiria” | Professor Mr. Konstantinos Syrigos, Scientific Officer Garyfallia Poulakou, Assistant Professor of Pathology