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Interview to Panos Apostolos, on SBS Greek, “Our voice is our identity”: The music, voices and music collectives of Angeliki Tubanakis

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On the occasion of the online workshop organized by the Greek-Australian team Greek Fringe “Round the world trip through song”, Angeliki Tubanaki speaks to SBS Greek about her journey to song and music:

“Our voice is our identity, the map of our soul and our daily life. If you close your eyes and hear every voice, it will bring with it the memories, the habits of the body, the voices of your environment, your parents, and your friends. The rhythm of your voice, its quality, and the pauses you make, your breaths – where, when, how deep they are. If you pause and listen deeply to each voice, it’s like an open flower! I mean, it’s all in front of us, we just haven’t learned to pause or listen. This sometimes escapes us. That’s why I like teaching, because it always reminds me that I have to listen. So for me the voice is the tuning of our inner unity.”

The interview