“For Women”, Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet

Hours and date:
27/10 at 21:30
Half Note Jazz Club
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Thursday, October 27 at Half Note Jazz Club
At 21:30

The musical show that moved the audience, returns renewed to Half Note. A concert dedicated with Love and Honour to the Woman of Places and Times.
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World Jazz Vocalist, Aggeliki Toubanaki, promotes music bonds. Her artistic endeavor is based on experimentation and aims for the free communication of people, beyond musical boundaries. Having fifteen years of music experience and research in Contemporary Vocal, Electronic and Jazz World, Aggeliki creates musical collectives and proposes exceptional performances.

In “For Women” project Aggeliki presents a performance dedicated to the woman who laughs, falls in love, aches; to the woman who remembers, struggles, grieves, dreams, rebels and resurrects. To the woman who cherishes and holds you in her arms; to the woman-mother, the woman-sister, the woman-companion, the woman-daughter; to the timeless woman who transcends time.

Along with dear and virtuosi musicians of the traditional and the jazz scene, create a vigorous musical blend of sounds and traditional rhythms, crossover improvisations, vocalisms, natural and electronic sounds, and narrate in a unique interpretive way the stories of women who stood out, inspired composers around the world and became songs of the people’s musical traditions.

«Suzanne takes you by the hand and points to where you should be looking at; there is a place over towns, among garbage and among flowers where heroes live; a place where children, longing for love, live.
And there you go, raising your head to the sky, following the flight of the Black Crow of Joni Mitchell, the crow that seeks out enlightenment in its flight, seeks out music in each one of its plunges in the air. And there, in the midst of the night, you quiet down and you hear Llorona’s lament, which only the Samans and howling dogs can hear in the night, only they can see… you witness her transform into Fata Morgana, her hands stretched out offering sea water for you to take holy communion, as her aunt Sarah bears the burden of your entire pain on her shoulders, liberating you from it…»

Aggeliki Toubanaki


Press Reviews

Angeliki Toumpanaki “For Women” @ Half Note Jazz Club “Sold out! Women of all space-time boxes celebrate. As for us… we celebrate with them. This lady sings in a signature way that is her trademark. She appears on stage with her impeccable players and real musical companions. Angeliki Toumpanaki probably works like an ambassador of Eru, thanking the “Father of everything” with music that carves out worlds and universes. We look forward to the next meeting!” Kostas Koulis – noisy.gr

“Have you ever seen a singer whose whole body (arms, shoulders, fingers), facial expressions and breathing, are coordinate and “dance” the words? Musician, creator, vocal performer, (Aggeliki Toubpanaki) is the definition of a vibrant chord when she sings on stage…”Charis Pontida – Tospirto.net     

“Aggeliki has been harnessed to such an extent by the power of the music that she ends up being untamed against any form of it. It’s inimitable how she brings together the world music and makes it a part of her, conveys the freedom of joy to the audience, communicating a spiritual ceremony…” Dionysis Christopoulos – musicity.gr

“Aggeliki Toubanaki always did and will do everything to evolve her relationship with music. (…) A fastidious singer who directs herself and carries out innumerable musical projects, who participates in other composers’ repertoires, who lives life anticipating every minute of joy that the stage and her relationship with music can offer”. Giannis Panagopoulos, “Aggeliki Toubanaki. Dedicating a lifetime in the music of voice”. FRAGILE

«She improvises, experiments, sings together with her body and soul, touching the audience with the different musical traditions which she explores. (…) Creator, producer, vocalist, and performer; unique, openhearted and restless» Giota Sykka, Kathimerini

“Aggeliki seems to communicate with the most primitive of our strings, bringing to the surface this locus that we miss even though we have never been there. She has that «supernatural» ability”, Kiki Moustakidou Parallaximag.gr

Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet-For Women:

George Makris: bagpipes, flutes, kaval
Gregory Danis: guitar
Apostolos Kaltsas: bass, loops
Ilias Doumanis: drums, pads, sound design
Aggeliki Toubanaki: voice, loops, Fx

Poster design: John Sugahtank Roumpanis
Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos
Social Media Managers: Sofia Loukeri, Dimitris Varveropoulos 

Ticket prices: 12 euros (seated) – 10 euros (standing)
Ticket Sales: Viva.gr