Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet “For Women”

Hours and date:
12/04 at 21:00
Half Note Jazz Club
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Tuesday, April 12 in Half Note Jazz Club
at 21:00
A concert, Asma Asmaton (the Song of Songs), dedicated to the Woman, with Love and Honour.

Dedicated to the woman who laughs, who falls in love, who aches; to the woman who remembers, who struggles, who grieves, who dreams, who rebels and who resurrects. To the woman who cherishes and holds you in her arms; to the woman-mother, the woman-sister, the woman-companion, the woman-daughter; to the woman who is both timeless and who transcends time.

Suzanne takes you by the hand and points to where you should be looking at; there is a place over the towns, among garbage and among flowers where heroes live; a place where children, longing for love, live.
And there you go, raising your head to the sky, following the flight of the Black Crow of Joni Mitchell, the crow that in its flight seeks out enlightenment, seeks out music in each one of its plunges in the air.
And there, in the midst of the night, you quiet down and you hear Llorona’s lament, the lament which only the Samans and howling dogs in the night can hear, only they can see…you witness her transform into Fata Morgana, her hands stretched out in the offering of sea water for you to take holy communion, as her aunt Sarah bears the burden of your entire pain on her shoulders, thus liberating you from it…

World Jazz Vocalist, Aggeliki Toubanaki, along with four dear and select musicians of the traditional and the jazz scene, Gregory Danis playing the guitar, Apostolos Kaltsas playing bass, Ilias Doumanis playing the drums and George Makris playing the bagpipe, create a musical performance dedicated to the Woman of Places and of Times.

Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet-For Women:
Gregory Danis / guitar
George makris / bagpipes, flutes, kaval
Apostolos Kaltsas / bass, loops
Ilias Doumanis / drums, pads, sound design
Aggeliki Toubanaki / voice, loops, Fx

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 9, 21:00
Ticket prices: 12 euros (seated) – 10 euros (standing)
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Production: Half Note Jazz Club & Toubanaki Music Projects
Promotion – Media: Irini Makrionitis 6998529567