Drums & Voice Jazztronica Duet meets Soloup

Hours and date:
27/01-2019 at 21:00
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Concert at the Opening of the Exhibition “Soloup: The collector. Six short stories about a bad wolf”, Benaki Museum

Just Voice and Drums.

The experimentation and the research on the acoustic potential, the limits of the two instruments, led the vocalist Aggeliki Toubanaki and the drummer Ilias Doumanis to form the innovative “Drums Voice Jazztronica Duet”, and at the same time to design a multi-level acoustic environment using live looping and special electronic media and programs.

The two musicians and the cartoonist – comics’ creator Soloup form an experiential music-visual performance. The artistic coexistence of the three artists evolves on stage simultaneously.


***“Drums & Voice Jazztronica Duet” has composed original music for Soloup’s new Graphic novel “The collector. Six short stories about a bad wolf” (Editions Ikaros), (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMmmifAZhoY)