Crossovers, From Traditional Melodies to Contemporary Improvisations

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21/06 at 21:00
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European Music Day: Athens broadcasts from Technopolis-Municipality of Athens

21 June 2020 | online event

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The vocalist/performer Aggeliki Toubanaki promotes music bonds. Her artistic endeavor is based on experimentation and aims for the free communication of people, beyond musical boundaries. Having fifteen years of music experience and research in Contemporary Vocal, Electronic and Jazz World, Aggeliki creates musical collectives and proposes exceptional performances.

In Crossovers, Aggeliki Toubanaki and her fellow virtuosi musicians present their vigorous musical blend of sounds and traditional rhythms of different places and epochs, making their exuberant multiform mark!

Original compositions, songs of Modern Greek and international music scene, Balkan rhythms, East’s musical roads and Mediterranean Sea’s melodies are blended with   contemporary harmony and forms, crossover improvisations, vocalisms, natural and electronic sounds.

A musical show narration, a fiesta of emotions, a spectacular journey in time and the solid vibes of roots!


Thanos Stavridis: accordion
Grigoris Ntanis: electric guitar
Apostolos Kaltsas: electric bass, loops
Ilias Doumanis: drums, pads

Aggeliki Toubanaki: voice, loops, Fx

Production @Toubanaki Music Projects

Official Site:

Aggeliki Toubanaki YouTube Channel

Facebook Page: ToubanakiMusicProjects

*** European Music Day.

Under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, and thanks to the motivation and coordinated efforts of public and private entities from all around Greece will come together for a 7 hour musical marathon, which will be live-streamed around the globe! But this year furthermore, Greek cities are also collaborating at international level! Following an initiative of the European Music Day Association in collaboration with the Hellenic network, European members and partners from 12 cities (Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, krakow, Istanbul, Manchester, Milan, Ljubljana, Lisbon, Prague and Skopje) will for the first time ever, join forces to present live music events which will be live-streamed to take the audiences on a musical journey around Europe!

“Have you ever seen a singer who all parts of her body (arms, shoulders, fingers), facial expressions, breathing, are coordinate and “dance” the words? Musician, creator, vocal performer (Aggeliki Toubanaki) is the definition of a vibrant chord when she sings on stage”

Charis Pontida –  

“Aggeliki has been harnessed to such an extent by the power of the music that she ends up being untamed against any form of it. It’s inimitable how she brings together the world music and makes it a part of her, conveys the freedom of joy to the audience, communicating a spiritual ceremony”

Dionysis Christopoulos-