Aggeliki Toubanaki on the documentary series “Συν Γυναιξί” (ΕΡΤ2)

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The documentary series “Συν Γυναιξί” is the first documentary series in National Greek TV-ERT dedicated exclusively to women who are active in different fields (scientific, artistic, athletic) and have distinguished. Nicole Alexandropoulos signs the script and directing and presents the beloved actor George Pyrpasopoulos

Aggeliki Toubanaki talks about the women who inspire her and make her a better person, as she admits.  The performer, researcher and vocal educator talks to Giorgos Pyrpasopoulos about her life journey and her transition from Molecular Biology to Music. She answers questions such as what jazz means to her, what role traditional music plays in her life and how the music industry treats women. At the same time, Aggeliki Toubanaki confesses her deep thoughts to Nicole Alexandropoulos who is behind the camera.

Συν Γυναιξί | Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη

Director-Scenario-Idea: Nicole Alexandropoulos

Presentation: Giorgos Pyrpasopoulos

Editor-in-Chief: Melpomeni Maragidou

Production: Libellula Productions