Aggeliki Toubanaki at the “Open Music Communications” at the University of Thessaly On Sunday 20/12/2020 at 8 – 9pm.

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These are online meetings organized by the Music Ensembles of the University of Thessaly with the aim of communicating through music, at https://bit.ly/synolauth, coordinated by Maria Thoidou. The meetings are open to all members of the academic community, graduates of the University of Thessaly as well as students who declare interest from other universities in the country.

On Sunday 20/12/2020 at 8 – 9pm  guest is Aggeliki Toubanaki (Vocalist, performer, PhD, producer, sound experimentalist, vocal teacher), who will analyze compositions of the project Drums Voice Jazztronica Duet that she has created with the drummer and composer Ilias Doumanis, an innovative Nu Jazz drum-voice duet. The project began by the need of the two musicians to experiment, explore the limits of the sound of their instruments and design a versatile sound environment using electronic media and programs.

She will also present for the first time a new song that she has been orchestrated only with voices using loops, which will officially be released in January 2021.

Part of the conversation will be, on Saturday, December 26th at 12:00pm. – 1:00 p.m., on the VOICE OF GREECE radio frequency on National Greek TV-ERT television and radio in the Voice of Greece.