Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet & Guests «For Women»

Hours and date:
16/12 at 22:00
Half Note Jazz Club

A concert dedicated to the Woman of Places and Times.
Read more about the project here.


Friday 16/12 – Kumku Yamki
Saturday 17/12 – Katerina Vrana
Sunday 18/12 – Idra Kayne

Aggeliki Toubanaki 5tet-For Women:

Gregory Danis: guitar
George Makris: bagpipes, flutes, kaval
Apostolos Kaltsas: bass, loops
Ilias Doumanis: drums, pads, sound design
Aggeliki Toubanaki: voice, loops, Fx

The “For Women” project is a series of concerts aimed at honoring and telling the stories of Women who stood out, inspired composers around the world and became songs of the people’s musical traditions.

Songs for women who are free, who laughs, falls in love, aches; to the woman who remembers, struggles, grieves, dreams, rebels and resurrects. To the woman who cherishes and holds you in her arms; to the woman-mother, the woman-sister, the woman-companion, the woman-daughter; to the timeless woman who transcends time.

Along with dear and virtuosi musicians of the traditional and the jazz scene, create a vigorous musical blend of sounds and traditional rhythms, crossover improvisations, vocalisms, natural and electronic sounds.

They unite heterogeneous music, improvise and interact with their guests, creating a world where music converses with other art forms such as puppetry, stand up comedy, poetry.

“The words of the songs, the meanings, awaken us, the common vibration and pulse, the polyphony, the dance of the bodies, unites the souls of women, men, people, all of us.”

Special Geusts

Friday 12/16 – The Kumku Yamki doll | Animating: Zoe Vlassi – Natassa Tapaki (Puppet Theater Group “FiRDIN MIgDIN”)
Saturday 12/17 – The stand up comedian, Katerina Vrana
Sunday 12/18 – Soul funk singer and actress, Idra Kayne


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Photos: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos
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Production: Half Note Jazz Club & Toubanaki Music Projects

Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη 5tet & Guests «For Women»
Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη 5tet & Guests «For Women»
Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη 5tet & Guests «For Women»
Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη 5tet & Guests «For Women»