Visit KETHEA Paremvasi

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Aggeliki Toubanaki visited the structure of Kethea in Rafina with the occasion of her recent collaboration with KETHEA, within the frame of her music project entitled “Crossovers” during which they used instruments (drums) made by the members of the program.

The musician Costas Konstantatos, has coordinated an amazing polyphonic music group using voice and percussion and Aggeliki sang along with the whole group and gave a talk on music and voice.


«The members of the program showed me the incredible work they do with the making of percussion instruments, starting from the processing of the skins up to the final aesthetic touch. Their work is incredible! I am deeply moved by this visit and feel profound joy and gratitude».



KETHEA PAREMVASI runs a residential therapeutic community — the Alternative PAREMVASI Community — in Rafina.

Education and career guidance are a central part of their treatment.

A workshop equipped with all the tools required for making musical instruments provides the members of the Alternative PAREMVASI Community with education and vocational training.

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