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Contemporary Greek music scene

A project based on Greek discography that indicates Aggeliki’s world jazz musical roots and her deep love for free artistic expression and improvisation. She presents “Ulalum” in 2017 with the cooperation of great Greek musicians: Apostolos Kaltsas (electric bass), Vangelis Paraskevaidis (vibraphone) and Ilias Doumanis (drums). Its repertoire includes songs from the contemporary Greek music scene.

“Ulalum” is a show that combines the past of our musical memories with the contemporary sound. Its repertoire includes experiential interpretations and subtractive orchestrations of Modern Greek landmark songs. The new compositions leave space to creative interaction and improvisation. At the same time they maintain the aesthetic quality and the artistic essence of the original compositions.

Aggeliki Toubanaki voice

Ilias Doumanis drums, pads

Apostolos Kaltsas electric bass, loops

Vangelis Paraskevaidis vibraphone, percussion