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KALESMA PROJECT in Concert at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation_Athens, 14.7.2018

Aggeliki Toubanaki is a member of the Kalesma project, a humanitarian initiative started by the internationally celebrated musician Vasilis Kostas.

The aim of the initiative is to improve the conditions and everyday life of the children in “I Kivotos tou Kosmou” (The Ark of the World) through music, to create a music community and, above all, to establish an infrastructure for a high-level permanent music educational program. The music educational program will begin in September 2018. It will contain integrated lessons for vocals and singing, musical theory, vocal circle, and improvisation. In addition important artists will be invited to train the children of Kivotos in traditional music from different parts of Greece and in various musical instruments.

On 14th of July 2018, the first concert of “Kalesma” was held at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation with the collaboration of the children choir of Kivotos and six significant musicians of Berklee Global Jazz Institute (USA)
Vasilis Kostas (Greece) – Lute
Eirini Tornesaki (Greece) – Vocals
Layth Sidiq (Jordan) – Violin
Chase Morrin (USA) – Piano
Noam Israeli (Israel) – Drums
James Dale (Australia) – Bass

The professional musician and vocal educator Aggeliki Toubanaki was responsible for the annual musicucation, artistic preparation and direction of Kivotos’ children choir.

At the end of the concert, Marco Pignataro, director of the postgraduate program
of Berklee College of Music, announced three scholarships for Kivotos’
children concerning the summer “Vocal Summit Program” of Berklee College of Music. The preparation and training of the children for the program during the year 2018-2019 is undertaken by Aggeliki.

I Kivotos tou Kosmou” (“The Ark of the World”) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998 by Father Antonios, with the aim of supporting and taking care of poor street children and homeless mothers, who experience abandonment and neglect, or don’t have any medical care. Children usually belong to single-parents families or are without parents. The Ark provides care to over 500 children on a daily basis.

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