Gold Tourism Award 2019 & 2020

An alternative camp takes place in the heart of the Mediterranean, in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea. Music and Art in the foreground, aiming to harmonize the contact between nature and the richness of the soul of the people involved in the various artistic actions it offers.

The gifted Petros Kourtis envisioned the Artventure Camp and carries it out every summer since 2013. With passion and knowledge, he organizes an artistic Odyssey, combining uniquely culture with tourism. Artventure Camp received the 2019 Gold Tourism Award in the category of Experiential Tourism. Highly praised musicians and artists are part of it.

Aggeliki Toubanaki belongs to the team of trainers.  Under her instructions, the participants experience a spontaneous improvisational music game using voice as sole instrument, that points towards artistic conscience, play, freedom of expression and communication! Together they discover their voice, get familiar with the experience of group improvisation, collective creation and the development of musicality and imagination. In short, they become a well-tuned choir.

For more information, artventurecamp.com

Photo credits: Alexandros Vetoulis